How to Claim For a Delayed Flight

You are entitled to compensation in the event of long European flight delays unless your airline can prove that this is due to an extraordinary circumstance. Statistics show that only 1.5% of passengers actually get their compensation the airlines owe them. If your flight is with a European carrier or you are departed from the UK, European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you are protected by European Regulations. If you experience flight delay more than three hours, the regulation guarantees up to €600 compensation per passenger.

What is needed to proceed?

              There are several things you need to bear in mind before you apply for your claim:

  • - Keep your boarding pass and other travel documents with you.
  • - You need to provide your booking reference number.
  • - Try to learn why your flight is delayed
  • - Airlines don’t have to pay if the delay caused by an extraordinary circumstance.
  • - Make note of actual arrival time.
  • - Make note of actual arrival time.
  • - He compensation is based on the delay over your scheduled time of arrival. It is the time the gates are opened, not the wheels on the ground.
  • - Don’t waive your rights for future travel vouchers
  • - The compensation must be paid in cash, electronic bank transfer, bank order, or cheque, do not accept the vouchers if you want a cash payout.
  • - Save your receipts for extra expenses or financial losses caused by flight delay as a proof
  • - According to Montreal Convention, you can be reimbursed if you miss a reservation, have to pay extra for travel or accommodation.
  • - The very first step is to learn if you are eligible for compensation, you might check it using our systemin minutes.

  • Claim from the Airline

                 Contact to the airline that operates the flight and applies to the customer services department for your claim. You might buy the ticket from airline X but if it is operated by airline Y, you need to issue a claim to Y. You need to provide following details to customer services:

  • - A letter stating your booking number, the details of the disruption (flight number, date, the reason for delay), a reference to the regulation and the amount that you are entitled to
  • - Boarding passes, travel documents and e-tickets with booking reference number
  • - Copies of your ID (Passport or driving license)
  • - Receipt of extra expenses (if any)
  • - Travelers can contact CAA if they receive an unsatisfying response or none at all to complaints to the airline company.

  • Take your case to Civil Aviation Agency

                 If you have submitted your case and you could not get an answer from the airline or denied due to an extraordinary circumstance, double check your eligibility and report your issue to Civil Aviation Authority for European Flights. Bear in mind that Civil Aviation Agencies are often on the side of airlines, it is not guaranteed to get your deserved compensation.

    Take your case to Court

                 This is your final move for your deserved compensation. Before you spend time and money be assured that your flight is covered by the regulation. If your flight is delayed within the UK, you can take a UK-based airline to court once you have a written rejection. Use the Money Claim Online service,which costs €25-€60 depending on the value of your claim (to a maximum of €1,000). This service only covers England and Wales. If the case goes to court it might take 6 months on average and you might require appearing in the court

    I’m worried about all the paperwork and process involved. Is there another way?

                 That is what we do and why we do. Click2Refund’s lawyers and legal experts specialized in flight compensations will do the legal work on your behalf. You can claim online and leave the rest to us. We operate on a no-win no-fee basis. We only get paid when you are paid. We do have offices in London, Toronto and New York and Click2Refund’s EU-wide network of lawyers advocates on your behalf.   Click 2 Apply for hassle-free compensation progress. Don’t hesitate to apply, we never ask for credit card or advance payment.